Star child channeling

Highly developed old souls incarnate on planet earth to support the change of the earth as an adult human being and to enrich people with new concepts.

The first were the Indigo children. Since years they come in 9 additional pastel ray categories or are already here and grown up. They are the children of the new age. And they come as the new races, most of them with a high consciousness on this earth to accelerate the spiritual growth of the planet. They are old wise and highly developed souls. With their clarity and consciousness they are very sensitive and highly sensitive and have varying degrees of ability and specific talents. Among other things they perceive energies of angels, fairies etc., feel what the earth needs and come here with new concepts.

But they can overtax themselves because of their high consciousness. Mostly they are highly magnetic and there are also those who are here with absolutely extraterrestrial energies (so-called strangers) with high master energy beams.

But there are also already new races which have no earth experiences at all. The prerequisite for this otherness is that they recognize themselves and are recognized from outside. This also requires that the parents can open themselves to this understanding. They usually come here with a high degree of love vibration and have the feeling that everything is light and love. What they need is earth compatibility and they must learn to deal with the law of polarities (this also applies to adult star children).

At this point I would like to emphasize that they are no better or worse than others, because every human being is unique. However, because these children are different, they are often not understood and do not respond to traditional forms of therapy. Maybe you feel addressed or have children who fit into this category. Then I would like to offer my support.