All terms are listed here for understanding.


We are all channels and have channels and perceptions in the super-personal realm. If they are fine-tuned, this can be used consciously in the here and now and we can receive clear, concordant answers. This does not only mean to be a consciously pure channel in the connection with one's own soul, but to include the soul as a partner. As counseling, guide source of master energies from highest universal levels and healing for oneself and others.

The channeling itself from this source of truth of one's own soul connection takes place without the interference of the personality and therefore also without emotions (ego-centredness). But to control this requires to break the own personality patterns that stand in the way and not to be involved. To channel with a competent person in this way can be practiced to be in the service of your own soul. People with these attributes are service souls, they serve themselves and others and share their knowledge with others.

Through consciously clear and goal-oriented questions I therefore receive the perfect answers for the developmental steps of my counterpart and in harmony with the development of the soul-human personality expression. With choices, the personality can create very positive changes for their life by their own power and responsibility.


Every human being has the ability of intuition (mostly unconsciously) to grasp something that is important for wholeness or for healing, visions, foreseeing, hearing, feeling, creating synchronicity. But here too, the universal law as well as certain rules should be learned and observed so that it can be used and no more than a disturbing ability is tried to suppress.

Holistic and healing work

Holistic is the trinity of soul-man and personality. Related to the «soul of personality", to the "human being» in which it dwells and to the «personality itself» in relation to the earth and the earth-being.

On the spiritual level and in the soul truth, illness does not exist. From my point of view and my own experience, these symptoms are messages, the language of the body trying to contact us to correct something so that it can resume its full function. But it needs our support. This can be past stories (I call this energy attachments in chakras and organism or in the hologram of human expression), which have been created by external circumstances and experiences, which have created an energetic imbalance between the personality body and soul. If this is brought into balance by releasing emotional bonds and attachments that make one unfree, the cells and thus the body can heal. This is also an interaction between the soul, human being and personality.

Spiritual allies, inner-planetary and outer-galactic collectives

Spiritual allies are angels and archangels, masters from the creative mass. Spaces of healing sounds, These exist just as all matter exists. Through the conscious connection with my soul I have access to other existences and spiritual dimensions and perceive and channel them consciously and heart-centered.

Space Commands (Ashtar Command)

is a collective of tens of thousands of souls, earth beings and fairies from the inside of the earth and many more are at our disposal to bring with their wise messages, knowledge, healing, and new technology and consciousness. Their energies flow into the sessions. They support the self-healing process by transforming old memories and emotional attachments that block your own resources. This is a very realistic result


I see the hologram as a vessel for all stored past, present and future information, which moves like waves and patterns through the whole universe. From my point of view, only one eternal moment exists. A now. In the linear or three-dimensional thinking and feeling of man this is divided into fragments of the past, present and future. But does the overlapping pattern, in which everything happens simultaneously and can be felt and felt multi-dimensionally, exist in the same way.

Torsion fields

are wordexes, energy whirlpools, which create morphic fields in the collective.
As an example: if a woman has the desire to become pregnant, but the doctor tells her that she cannot have a child, she moves in this morphic field of childless women and also draws her into her field of experience. But if she does become pregnant, she also attracts the morphic fields of pregnant women as a reflection of her reality. This happens with all collective patterns of experience.

Morphic fields

are very powerful in minus as well as in plus. Therefore it is very important where we want to move to. Because through inner convictions, through conditioning of dogmas, religions, pharmaceutical industry, politics, teachers, family, ect. this can be very useful to break down our own patterns, to be here as a free self-determined human being and to connect with more useful and prosperous morphic fields.


There are wordexe in the earth of spiritual leader commands and highly developed incarnated souls, who were here at the beginning of the earth expression to ensure a balance of the material vessel earth with the universal principles of order and laws. They anchored this through sounds and exchange of thoughts with their spiritual brothers and sisters. So that life and civilisations could be founded to have a material experience.

Soul / Soul development

The soul has a nucleus. When it enters the fetus, it comes here with multiple aspects of its frequencies. It's like a computer that holds all the memories of past incarnations. Some are activated in the hologram for this lifetime to allow it to evolve and to correct something that is disturbing in life as a challenge to the personality.

Salvation work (see also ARTFieldtransform or Q-POINTMATRIX)

Our body is a unique network that works together with a complex consciousness (intelligence), also called innate and connected to everything. Just like ants do their work in a targeted way through their field of consciousness. And so it also works with us when we strive for it. Our body has a consciousness of its own, without definitions. That means it doesn't know whether something is real or not. It works according to the laws and resonances of the external and internal field system.

As soon as we open ourselves to a new intention and decision that affects our well-being, the whole network system of our body and all energetic bodies will hear this and do everything to regulate themselves again. But this also depends on the personality and its experiences to which it was or is exposed and the patterns and lived beliefs created and lived out of it, the regularity of which has the same effect. If we change course to create a new regularity, the inner and outer experience of situations and circumstances also changes and we experience a completely new dimension of our physical existence, which can bring us a new experience that serves us well. This is not only a question of desire, but a step into the conscious heart intention, determination and decision.

Soul truth and its desire to grow

In the soul essence we are in absolute harmony on all levels and we are one with the divine and immeasurable love of the Creator. But sometimes the soul chooses a special minus for this lifetime. This is mainly to accompany and support the personality into the potential of a plush experience for this lifetime. But how this happens also depends on the personality itself. Because it cannot control this, this is the law of the free will of man. The only thing it wants is to develop itself further until it becomes a master soul capable of creating its own universe. Sometimes she can also create something we call illness to heal this basic information or she has the intention to come here for a short time only to create a pattern that can be important for the environment for healing and development of relatives, family, etc.


Every human being should have experiences that form him as a spiritual being in the unity of being human. This is the only reason for the soul to be here. But certain experiences can and should be completed here, in order to enable further steps of development, not only for oneself, but also for the soul. We can always help to determine which experiences we want to make in this life. The only reason is that we are here as a spiritual being to create experiences that reflect our own being.

Earth connected life

Everyone has the right and the freedom - even the duty - towards himself and his soul to let his very own design blossom. Creativity and joy in what and how a person does something plays a central role in this. But it also requires to discard all facets of the willingness to suffer. To allow important changes to take place, which will enable him to grow personally and spiritually in the fullness of his earthly being.

Co-creator responsibility

Part of our responsibility is to acknowledge that we are creators and co-creators and that we recognize and transform our own actions in sacrifice and thus begin to live our own truth and take responsibility for ourselves rather than the truth of others. This promotes our own self-esteem and is appropriate for the further development of the soul-human and personality expression and strengthens the body and immune system. This has nothing to do with the ego-personality, but is anchored by the healing session, so that the soul can support the person and happens through energy depots (impulses) that it has at its disposal.

The law of free choice

I want to make it clear that it is important that the soul would never interfere in the decisions of the personality, for it is subject to the free will of the human being. as a child you had no choice, but as an adult you always have choices, unless you live in your own little world of the past. The free choice is left to the human being himself.

Guardian angel function

Every person has a personal guardian angel who accompanies the person on his way from the beginning, to the end of life and back home. A guardian angel can decide to incarnate with a resonance (name), and thus, as a consultation for the personality.

Star children

A star child has a magnetic soul that has served, learned and taught in various space commands. Such incarnations (humans) come from space commands. This means that the energy in the body and soul of the personality is highly magnetic. Therefore, for these souls, much guidance from other dimensions Venus Fleet, Pleiadian, Excalibur and many other collectives come from Ashtar Command. At night the energy body is then brought on board a ship for healing. They take care of it while the person lives to heal him. These energies are very different from other humans. Mostly these people are absolute free thinkers with very abstract thoughts and clear direction. They are exceptionally gifted on many levels. They can see the connections very well and have a distinctive perception. They whirl up because it is important to them to let the truth come to light and have a high degree of sense of justice.

About Irina Maria Garbini and the Kythirawork

Irina Maria Garbini is a musician, artist and speaker of the new era. She channels spiritual knowledge and wisdom from universal highest levels. With her clarity, creativity and infectious expression of joy of life, she teaches universal laws, regularities, spiritual technologies and the application of magnetism (The Law of Polarities), universal healing and earth sounds in seminars.

The Kythirawork constantly develops new concepts from channeled information given to Irina Mariia Garbini and is intended to support the participant in his personal growth steps. However, this no longer depends only on each individual (human personality level and its soul potential), but becomes the global field of the earth. Through the group energy in Kythira and the spiritual and inner planetary energy support for the developmental stages, as well as the basic energy of our planet for the new paradigm, the Love-Power-Energy is made available to the Kythirawork; also to the earth, every living being, the animal and plant world for the increase of the earth love vibration.

Healing sessions and courses

My courses and sessions are open to all people who are interested in making full use of their own abilities and potential in everyday life, relationships and work, and in turning inner wealth into a living creative goal.

General conditions

During a medical treatment or a course, the participant is responsible for himself/herself. The course instructor is released from any liability claims. Please note that the registration is binding. In case of non-appearance, cancellation without good reason or leaving a seminar or individual appointment early, the entire seminar fee is still due (no refund)!