About Irina Maria Garbini

«I love music and I remember when I started singing spontaneously as a little girl in a crowd of people. The language I sang was foreign, but everyone immediately felt relaxed. Today I am musically multilingual and with a wide variety of styles on stage. But I also use the sound specifically in healing sessions through universal tones.»

Since sound and sound can be heard, seen and felt in everything, it was clear to me early on that everything had to be oscillation and vibration. So I was always interested in the larger contexts, the universal laws (resonances, polarities), which I perceive on a small scale and which I can grasp and classify. Sound, rhythms, color, vibration, light and information is for me a unified and holistic field of consciousness, a network that I call the communicating collective consciousness, which constantly communicates with us and in which we are all involved, to whose creative and creative potential we are can have access at any moment since we are part of it. Achieving health-promoting, benevolent changes in (energy - matter) as well as physically and psychologically is very realistic for me. Grasping the research of humanity in the present time and developing new knowledge as a whole was and is therefore essential for me! My focus in my work is therefore particularly focused on the soul of the personality - the personality itself and the human body in relation to being on earth. I convey the connections from a higher level and the soul of the personality and this also includes the supportive healing energies. I love creativity and to live it in all my facets and projects and I want to let people participate. My own development of consciousness and the research of my "soul-human-personality" is central.

Irina Garbini was born in Switzerland in 1963 with Greek and Italian roots and lives in the St. Gallen Rhine Valley. It channels spiritual knowledge and wisdom from universal highest levels. With its clarity, creativity and contagious expression of joie de vivre, it conveys universal laws, regularities, spiritual technologies, the application of magnetism (law of polarities) and universal healing and earthly sounds. She has been leading seminars and workshops in Germany and abroad since 2004, runs her own practice and also advises on Skype meetings. In the conscious connection with her soul, spiritual allies, space commands and high master energies, she channels and teaches new knowledge in her work and develops concepts for the development of holistic human health in harmony with his own soul and with total connection to the earth. As an important side effect, this not only supports the development of consciousness and a sense of responsibility and love for yourself, but also to act on your own and to reactivate, integrate and live creative and creative potential. Your work has nothing to do with religions or dogmas. Your endeavors serve the spiritual development of the soul-human-personality expression and the realization of the soul plan. Ultimately a blessing for all living beings and for the global and planetary new consciousness.

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