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    About me, my soul, and Pythagoras - The golden triad of manifestation Internally to hear triads or more sounds and can also be seen in color patterns, and sing this was for me at a young age the most natural and easiest thing there was. My own voice and language that I used to be a text to the melody was foreign to the audience, but the sound touched, healed and opened his heart to the people.
    And so I felt that I have a special talent that had to do with my soul. In the time I began to explore my soul, I realized what great knowledge and experience she has healing sounds that I can now use their support and assistance to the intellectual level and teach seminars.
    The soul of Pythagoras has a master function and it is from the creative crowd as important Infor mationsenergie for planet Earth. His golden energy is involved from the very beginning with my soul.
    The golden triad is the symbol of manifestation and speaks the Trinity: ("soul- human-body"), so like all triads in the smallest and the largest, which makes up that whole and its unity a central interaction for the magnetische- Love and Golden Age is in relation to our earthly existence. His energy opens up new doors to the resonance of the ability to love.

    The golden sound is absolutely pure and flows from the beam of Pythagoras and the 11 levels of the angels. It refers to the process of universal sound connections in the appropriate frequency and provides the order between disharmony and the original divine hologram in the cell and the Cell-consciousness restored.
    Where a minor is created or an imbalance in the Major exists an equilibrium with this vibration is generated. In the sounds harmonics are included that are congruent with the macro cosmos and micro cosmos. They consist of two or more tones at the same time. But they can also be very metallic, as the energies associated with the fleets and this happens in the compound of magnetic love frequency.
    The result is a sound pattern of oscil-lating light. This is a dynamic spectrum of light that oscillates between two or more states in more or less rule-entry form back and forth several ways chooses to transformational changes bring forth.
    All harmonics are within the chakras, in the organs cells, brain and nervous all the fluids of the human body exists as a holographic image of the Creator, and thus in a healthy shape. The universal order whose frequency of divine sound, may not be falsified.
    The universal sound with respect to the cellular level may therefore by the subconscious or the personality be included free of definition. The golden tone makes it possible to get into a gracious state where healing in the memory cell, and regeneration can be done in physical and emotional structure.
    Images and symbols that are generated from the soul can bring very beneficial and valuable infor-mation that refers to the personality and spiritual development. For the golden sound is of awareness and remembrance of one's soul facets and can the creative potential love awaken to the appreciation of the "soul man-existence" on Mother Earth, consciously perceive.

    The golden section / sound energy patterns
    All mathematical equations of our planet are the vibrations of the universe, are the purest frequencies of love and order, and is the basic foundation to achieve change.
    The knowledge and use of sacred geometry and mathematics is a universal spiritual-living tool that can create a new spiritual understanding of the wholeness and the soul consciousness on earth.
    The entire universe,just as any living matter and non-matter, millions of universes and galaxies consisting of light and information.
    Are light and patterns of information that has been born from the original creators of light. We may ask ourselves whether the original intelligence is a nucleus. The core substance of all existences. And if so, we are all part of this core substance and intelligence.

    2010 CD VOL. 1 " The Golden Sound "
    In a Chantseminar universal healing sounds have been associated with channeling of high masters Pythagoras, Gokylor, the Erdenkoordinat and the energies of the new Atlantis in relationship to crystal pyramids.
    These sounds serve to cell regeneration and the anchoring of one's soul sound in the cell awareness of the return link to the original vibration of divine harmony.
    All voices were sung by her, and for half a year in the studio by Dany Kuhn taken up.


    01. TRIA No Lin VILARON energy: the koordinationswheel of erth
    02. The Experience of Purity Love and Grace energy: essence of pure heart love
    03. KILARII anchoring energy
    04. Atlantis Willkommensgruss (video) energy jesus and maria supported in changes and transitions of life and strengthens the vitality
    05. Dolphins energy Dolphins healing the Inner child
    06. MOOOI Niiila GOKYLOR energy: the divine earth cellular consciousness the reconnection

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    Youtube ATLANTIS Willkommensgruss 2012

    Pdf Press
    *2011 Die CD VOL. 2 " The 7 star planet for the balance "
    The sounds and valuable information has been given for the Chantseminar by 2012.
    All participants have visited this planet in order to channel the specific service and support for the planet Earth, in order to integrate the vibrations and to learn healing.
    The sounds are the vibration of 7 new planets that have come into our galaxy, to bring balance and vibration information for the transition into the golden age. The highly evolved beings that inhabit this planet are at the service of Orion and Urania.

    CD with the vibrations of the 7 new star planet.It is recommended that you only hear one or two sound combinations.
    The sounds are to be integrated for 7 weeks 1x a sound per week. (To select more than 1-2 sounds for the treatment). Also used for stabilization of a treatment process.

    For many years I channel and chant in the conscious connection with my soul, pure universal sound frequencies, maximum energies of specific dimensions, the Space Command, the level of the angels of healing sounds, the new Atlantis and the crystal pyramids.

    Offer: Your personal Soulvibration
    Upon request, I also chante your own soul primordial sound as Kraftchant on a sound recording; * The strengthening their potential and supports you in your projects. * The strengthens the connection with their soul to be a soul man on earth All Chants be connected to the earth energy sound of Mother Earth to make things Erdreal and Erdbezogen.